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Our Freezer Beef Program

Welcome to Hidden Valley Farm! Here at HVF we thrive to produce the best quality beef we can, concentrating on Angus genetics to give the consumer a quality eating experience. We believe in treating the land, the cattle, and the customer in a respectful manner to create a sustainable small business. Our cattle are raised on grass using management intensive grazing. Without good pasture we have no grazing cattle. We then select animals to be entered into our Freezer Beef Program where they will have a diet of corn, hay, minerals and daily fresh water. It takes approximately 200 days on this diet to produce a well marbled product that will be grade choice or better!

Once our cattle have been selected, matured, and ready for purchase, you will be purchasing beef in a wholesale manner, with you the customer in charge on how you want your beef processed. If you order a quarter, it will be processed in what we call ‘Butchers choice’ containing a split half of front and back cuts. Your order will be based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is what you have when the processor starts your custom order. You can expect the beef to weight approximately 200 pounds for a quarter and 400 pounds for a half. That is how pricing is determined, for example 400 pounds x $4.20. Depending on you and your families choices, how much retail product you take home of this 400 pounds will be determined by you when filling out the cut sheet. You get to decide packaging, thickness, size of roasts and how much ground beef per pack. This price also includes cut, wrapped and frozen. All cattle in this program are born and raised on the farm. This guarantees that you’ll know exactly where your food is coming from, for you and your family.

The Coulters

Let us introduce ourselves. We are a family owned and operated farm located in Boonsboro Maryland that specializes in Angus beef cattle. We concentrate on grain fed, all natural, angus cattle to supply your family with quality freezer beef you can brag about.

We currently sell our beef in a wholesale manner. But don’t worry; if you are new to wholesale, we pride ourselves on customer service to help you make your decisions the entire way through. All our beef is finalized in vacuum packaging to ensure not only an easy freezer storage process, but also freshness and quality you can taste. Thank you for considering Hidden Valley Farm! As a family business, our business is feeding your family with a product we can be proud of.

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